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Letters From The Bush by David Tett

Dear Travelers and Friends,

I have just returned from my Moroccan Montage trip and am incredibly excited to share it with you. I reworked a past Moroccan itinerary and developed an inspection trip examining the whole route to perfect the experience.

Morocco is a beautiful, friendly North African destination, diverse in landscapes, deserts, snowcapped mountains, ancient Berber culture (Berbers are now known as Amazigh, meaning “free people”), well-worn Saharan trade routes, and much more—a must-see for the well-traveled, curious, and active explorer.

The earliest inhabitants date back to 8,000 BC, and it has seen the rule of ancient empires, including the Carthaginian (500 BC), Roman (42 AD), the Islamic (700s), and the French (1912-1956). Today Moroccan identity is defined by Berber, Arab, and Moorish cultures, currently ruled by a constitutional monarchy.

Morocco offers a spectacular experience where you can explore private lands, immerse yourself in the country’s history and ancient cultures, and enjoy luxuries, including your exclusive vehicle and driver.

We are perfecting the design of a custom Moroccan itinerary. Stay tuned for the launch of this epic adventure.

David Tett




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