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About Us

Why Hrh?

You don’t do ordinary, neither do we.

HRH’s expert private air travel planners take your journey to a whole new level. You’ll access remote places where commercial flights don’t go and revel in a luxury travel adventure in the air and on the ground. With over 25 years of experience circumnavigating the globe, giving guests total peace of mind and comfort while doing so, you can rest assured all the details are taken care of by our experts.


Our team of expert travel planners has in-depth knowledge of every stop on your journey to uncommon locales, and we tailor custom and scheduled adventures to your priorities.


Longstanding Relationships

We have decades of experience and 25-year relationships with lodges, camps and resorts, which means we can deliver a consistent, high-quality experience tailored to your travel style and expectations.


Happy Guests

Our guests are our best PR. Over 60 percent of our business is generated by referrals and repeat travelers, and our glowing travelers’ testimonials speak for themselves.



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